Right before Caleb and his partner are getting ready for their date night, an unexpected visitor arrives.


Ondulaciones (Ripples)

James struggles between raising his son, his stressful job, his hostile ex-spouse, his new girlfriend.

(Spanish short film with English subtitles)

Anything for My Mother

Anything for My Mother

After diagnosed with terminal cancer, Mercedes must resolve the conflict between her two sons, revealing a dark secret from one of them.

Ddon Nguyen

Being our First AD

Ddon Nguyen

In this video, Ddon Nguyen talks about his experience being our First Assistant Director (AD) for Condo at El Dorado.

On Set Experience

Aryana Hamzehloo

Actor, Aryana Hamzehloo, talks about working experience and the most challenging day on set.

Acting and Writing

Brandon Frank

Actor & screenwriter, Brandon Frank, talks about his experience for Condo at El Dorado film.

Craig Gary

Filmmaker's Media Server

Craig Gary

In this video, Craig will show you how to build your own server storage space for your valuable film assets.

How to Use Proxy Files

Christian Partenio

Proxies are low-resolution video files that can take the place of larger-resolution files to speed up your editing process.

Acting and Coaching

Brandon Frank & Peter Ramirez

Brandon Frank & Peter Ramirez, talk about acting and coaching experience for Condo at El Dorado film.