Film for Good

We love charity organizations and individuals who are doing good work for others, and we want to support you!


There are many charity organizations out there. Some provide basic needs for: food, water, shelter, medication, and immunization. Some provide opportunities for people: loans to start a small business, education, and training. Even in countries or regions where people have stable living conditions, they may need support for mental health conditions.

As filmmakers, we make films aware of social consciousness and humanity. Our concepts and screenplays cover human issues that affect all of us. We strive to produce films that resonate, heal, connect, and inspire our audience.

Internally, we value diversity and inclusion. Our filmmaking team welcomes dedicated professionals from different backgrounds. We also volunteer our time to provide filmmaking education to our communities.

These are just the beginning of our efforts to create film for good.

Many charity organizations are experiencing challenging times. While others are struggling to provide essential services to our community.

We like to partner with charity organizations by offering private screenings of our upcoming films for fund-raising opportunities.

Private Screening Charity Events

After our film is completed and before it is released to the general public, we like to partner with charity organizations for private screening fund-raising opportunities.

Here is how this program works:

  1. We provide the film that is ready to be shown, whether on the big screen or online.
  2. Charity organizations invite their members to purchase tickets for the private screening.
  3. The charity organizations retain net screening proceeds to fund their mission.

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Ready to get started? We are here to work with you and your organization. Please contact one of our team members below.

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